Tomorrows Bad Seeds

Hard Rock Café on the Strip, Oct. 3

With so many doses of rock, reggae, punk and hip-hop, it was challenging to really find a groove during the 75-minute set from Hermosa Beach, Calif.’s Tomorrows Bad Seeds. While the sound may have jumped genres, the one consistency was lead singer Moises Juarez’s vocals, which displayed his range as an accomplished musician, even as the band bounced back and forth. Outside of an odd but quick hip-hop, b-boy session where Juarez showed his breaks, it was all business as the band riffled through tracks from their three albums. Current hit “One Way” off their new release, The Great Escape, as well as “Nice & Slow” and “Vices” were favorites of the sparse but passionate crowd. ★★☆☆☆

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