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Between our nascent Halloween Parade and our proliferating number of haunted houses (including Eli Roth’s new year-round Goretorium), Halloween is a big production in Las Vegas. That’s good news for Chris Ramirez, whose downtown-based company, Silver State Production Services, specializes in big productions. Silver State provides technical and logistical support for feature films and television shows—but on his days off, Ramirez conducts Fremont East fashion shoots in the alleyway behind Downtown Cocktail Room and the Griffin.

On Oct. 31, Ramirez will take over that alley once again—but he’s trading high fashion for high anxiety with Haunted Alley, an outdoor attraction that draws on all of Silver State’s film production know-how. Ramirez took a few minutes from planning the zombie apocalypse to talk about putting the “fun” back in “funeral.”

What is Haunted Alley?

It’s not a typical haunted house, or even Goretorium. This is something more similar to a Universal Studios ride. It’s going to immerse guests in the action of a real movie scene—a zombie invasion. It’ll be scary because of your surroundings, scary because people are trying to grab you—but it won’t be gory. We’re hiring actors and stuntmen, and we’ll have real pyrotechnics.

Why do it in downtown Las Vegas?

Location, location, location. That alley is such a cool, natural setting. We use it for shoots, we use it for Fashion Alley—we know how to work with it, and we don’t have to build anything back there. And we’re trying to do a lot of productions downtown, so it just makes sense. With the Halloween Parade and all the stuff happening in the bars, downtown is just the place for us to be on Halloween. We’ll zip people through in 15 minutes, and after that, they can head right off to the bars.

Why has Las Vegas become the world capital of Adult Halloween?

It just fits. Vegas already is the adult capital of the world in entertainment. And Oct. 31 is Nevada Day—so locals have always had a special place in our hearts for Halloween because we got the day off of school. It seemed like we got the day off for Halloween. Because of that, Halloween seemed a lot bigger holiday to us than it might have seemed to other kids around the country.

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