Folder, Manipulated


Before many of you were born, there were two decades called the 1970s and the 1980s. These were dark times for teenagers, when phones were anchored to the wall, term papers couldn’t be cribbed from the Web and what passed for sexting had to be conducted through regular mail. And when these Polaroid-wielding, plagiarizing miscreants went to school, they didn’t go armed with MacBooks, but with Pee Chee folders—yellow cardboard folders adorned with fellow teenagers engaged in sport. (We’re talking non-Polaroid sport.) Pee Chee folders were the Converse high-tops of school supplies: They offered little practical support, holding only a few papers, but they were fun to deface with markers. The fittingly named Flickr community “School Sucks!” collects a nice sampling of Pee Chee folders modified by bored teenagers, and it’s a real window to an era—a time when we didn’t have iPhones to play with during class, and when we really loved Slayer.

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Eyes on dunk contest at Scarlet & Gray Showcase

Eyes on dunk contest at Scarlet & Gray Showcase

By Mike Grimala

Thursday's Scarlet & Gray Showcase is meant to be a crowd pleaser. Fans and students can meet the players, take in a UNLV legends game, and get a look at the 2012-13 team for the first time in an intra-squad scrimmage. But the event generating the most buzz after practice on Tuesday was obvious: the dunk contest. The dunk competition is a new addition to this year's Showcase, and with good reason, as the Rebels have a number of high fliers lining the roster. A crowd pleaser, indeed.