Happy Faces

The players in UNLV Jazz Ensemble I are beaming. The nation’s largest-circulation jazz mag, JazzTimes, praised the big band’s new CD, Smilin’ Eyes. The review, in the separately published Jazz Education Guide, noted the (2011-2012) group’s “cooking” grooves and “breezy and languid moods.” Grad students Nate Kimball (trombone) and John Summers (alto/tenor sax) were singled out for their original tunes—pensive, solo-rich “Gaea” and noir-ballad “Love Unknown,” respectively. Grab the CD at the ensemble’s 7:30 p.m. Oct. 23-24 shows, part of the UNLV Fall Invitational Jazz Festival. ($10, PAC.unlv.edu, 895-2787.)

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LORT of Call


LORT of Call

By Steve Bornfeld

Ratchet up the status, the exposure, the excitement—and the expectations. “The finest theaters in the United States, except for Broadway, are LORT theaters, and it’s past time for us,” says Michael Gill, chairman and board CEO of the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company (LVSC), whose LORT reference is shorthand for the League of Resident Theatres, the organization representing nonprofit regional theaters nationwide. Which—in a first for Nevada—is also now home to our Bard-core thespians.