Happy Faces

The players in UNLV Jazz Ensemble I are beaming. The nation’s largest-circulation jazz mag, JazzTimes, praised the big band’s new CD, Smilin’ Eyes. The review, in the separately published Jazz Education Guide, noted the (2011-2012) group’s “cooking” grooves and “breezy and languid moods.” Grad students Nate Kimball (trombone) and John Summers (alto/tenor sax) were singled out for their original tunes—pensive, solo-rich “Gaea” and noir-ballad “Love Unknown,” respectively. Grab the CD at the ensemble’s 7:30 p.m. Oct. 23-24 shows, part of the UNLV Fall Invitational Jazz Festival. ($10, PAC.unlv.edu, 895-2787.)

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Indie-crossover pop, new wave-punk, demonic musical


Indie-crossover pop, new wave-punk, demonic musical

By Jarret Keene

So-called indie music continues to jump the proverbial shark. Consider the wild success of Vegas band Imagine Dragons. People label ’em as “indie” despite their first full-length, Night Visions, being honed by a commercial hip-hop producer. Well, now there’s Youngblood Hawke, also tagged as alt-rock, swooping down upon the mainstream. This Universal Republic-signed L.A. band, which plays Beauty Bar at 10 p.m. Oct. 11, takes its name from a Herman Wouk novel about a Southern writer who only ends up famous after dying.