Harry’s Royal Scepter Worth a Few Pounds

According to a report from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Prince Harry’s naked billiards session translated to $23 million in free publicity for Las Vegas. “What happens here, stays here” is expected to be replaced by “Come see our acres of royal dong” in the upcoming advertising campaign season.

Mark Foster swung by 1 Oak to do a DJ set around 1:30 a.m. Oct. 12, leaving by 3 a.m. to go gamble. That is the mark of a man who wants to cut down on how many conversations he has in any given night with breathless groupies about how deep “Pumped Up Kicks” is.

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DJ Pauly D has a doppelgänger


DJ Pauly D has a doppelgänger

By Jason Scavone

First it was Deadmau5. Then we had Cazzette. Now, in the fine tradition of DJs or DJ-related-people wearing weird crap on their heads, we have the giant Pauly D mascot head. God help us all. Whether getting in on the headgear craze or just taking a swipe at Deadmau5 following their Twitter-fueled public spat in May, Pauly D was interrupted during his set at Rehab on Oct. 7 by a creepy-as-hell giant Pauly D bobblehead, who jumped on the decks and sprayed the crowd with champagne.