Risky Business

Emily Henderson is a self-proclaimed risk-taker. “It’s how I express myself creatively,” says the HGTV Secrets From a Stylist host, who recently paid a visit to World Market Center. On her show, the former prop stylist transforms dull rooms into fresh new living spaces. Here she shares a few of those tips.

How do you take risks in your home?

You do it through paint, because paint is something that you don’t have to commit to. I don’t take huge risks in my master bedroom and my living room because I spend so much time in there that I’ll get sick of it. Go crazy in your guest bathroom. Your guests will be psyched to walk in.

What would you recommend for someone who’s not a big risk-taker?

Definitely stash boxes, trays, lamps and artwork. People are always like, “How is your gallery wall so pretty?” It’s because it’s taken me years buying the perfect pieces of art. Take a risk with a small piece of art—that’s not a big commitment, and it’s not going to make or break a room.

What are some hot trends people could do for $100?

Fabric is the easiest way to bring a trendy pattern into your house. I’ll buy whatever just came off the runway, like a Balenciaga print. I’ll buy one yard of it for $30, take it to the tailor and have it sewn into a pillow. It’s going to make your room look way more contemporary, fashion-fun and young.