Strip Teas

Hot or iced, tea is the most widely sipped drink in the world (second only to water). Starbucks might take issue with that kind of popularity, but two Las Vegans won’t. Local tea enthusiasts and business owners Naomi Rosen ( and Louise Carruth (Little Candle Tea Company) have organized the inaugural Las Vegas Tea Fest for fans to kumbayah over favorite leaves, learn to cook with tea and snag the paraphernalia for making the perfect cup. “For new tea drinkers, we are hoping to erase the mystery of tea,” Rosen says. “Like wine and cheese, there’s a lot of confusion about what’s good, how to brew, where to buy from, etc. It just doesn’t have to be that difficult.” Rosen says Las Vegas doesn’t have as many tea lounges, cafés and bars as cities on the coasts, but “we do have tea drinkers making an effort to support tea-based businesses.” Her Las Vegas Tea Series (launched with Ashanti McGee of Iron Kettle Teas) is a monthly educational forum for talking tea; and there’s even a tea group 93-strong on that’s doubled in size in five months. Encouraging early ticket sales would suggest that there are plenty of reasons for teanatics to fuss over downtown’s new fest.