The xx

Boulevard Pool, Oct. 10

More than 2,800 fans paid homage to the alluringly melancholy British indie band. Hovering clouds at the outdoor show only added to the mood.

There had to be a hitch.

That hitch came when those pensive skies opened up in a torrential downpour, ending the concert after nine songs (the halfway mark, according to comparisons with set lists from other tour stops).

Before it rained on our music parade, The xx kicked off with “Angels” from their recently released sophomore album, Coexist. Energy from the band and the audience squashed concerns the show would be a snooze—their tunes seem more conducive to cozy nights inside than loud performances outside. Other beautifully stirring selections included “Heart Skipped a Beat,” “Crystallized,” “Basic Space” and “Sunset,” which became the unintentional last song of the evening.

After the show, the band posted this to its Facebook page: “To everyone who came to see us in Las Vegas tonight. Thank you so much for braving the rain! We tried to stay out there as long as we could, but the weather was against us. We still had so much fun, and we will be back soon!” Fingers crossed. ★★☆☆☆

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