A Princely Discount on Mac King

Mac King

Mac King

How often are you put on the spot to pick “a good show that doesn’t cost too much”? It happens all the time, right? It does to me and I hate it, even though I make these types of recommendations for a living. Actually, picking a good show isn’t a problem. Just find out what your friends like and you can almost always point to a Cirque, a Blue Man or an Absinthe that accommodates. It’s the “doesn’t cost too much” thing that gets in the way.

For years now I’ve had a go-to show that covers 95 percent of these situations. It’s the Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s. Without spending my space on a review, I can tell you that this recommendation produces an extremely high satisfaction rate, given the contents and quality of the show. It’s funny, clever and clean—and the magic is good. I’ve almost never heard a complaint about Mac. So let’s get to the deal.

Check out the listings and you’ll see that tickets come in at $42.95. Not bad, but that’s what the tourists pay. While the price of this show has climbed steadily over the years, there’s always been a special coupon available. Harrah’s positions it as a “free show ticket” with a one-drink minimum, but it’s really better described as show admission and one drink for $9.95. The coupons used to be distributed in Carnaval Court outside of the casino, but they haven’t been available there—at least not consistently—for quite some time. Now you have to search a bit.

I checked recently and was able to pick them up in two places. The first is the concierge desk in the main registration area near the back of the casino. When I asked the lady working there, at first she seemed confused, but then quickly realized what I was asking about. She had to search for a second, but located two tickets and handed them over with a smile.

The second place was the Total Rewards booth. I expected that a players card would be necessary, and that it might even be a new-members-only perk, but that wasn’t the case. “How many would you like?” the attendant asked. There were no special requirements at all.

Interestingly, the tickets were slightly different, with the one from the concierge having a second offer on the back for a twofer to comedian Vinnie Favorito, so you might try there first if you want to see both shows.

If you try these locations and don’t get the tickets, don’t be shy. Just go to the Mac King ticket counter on the second floor and ask where they’re being distributed. That’s how I found ‘em.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and LasVegasAdvisor.com, a newsletter and website dedicated to finding the best deals in town.