Fun With the Legends

Each year UNLV’s alumni basketball players get together for the Legends game. Having played point guard for the Rebels from 1974-77, I always look forward to meeting up with old friends and teammates. Of course, it also means some of us old guys wind up having to break out the ibuprofen. But the aches and pains are worth it. That was certainly the case when the Legends played as part of last month’s Scarlet/Gray Showcase.

One of the highlights was the return of J.R. Rider, who had a long and winding road through the NBA after leaving UNLV in 1993. At the Legends game, Rider and Dedan Thomas playfully argued about J.R.’s scoring average his senior year. J.R. said he was averaging 30 points a game late in the season, but that Dedan messed that up because he wouldn’t give him the ball enough. He ended that season averaging only 29 points per game. These are the things the Legends laugh about when we get together. More than anything, though, it’s just good to see each other, and know that guys are doing well!

I always think about my three teammates who are no longer here: Lew Brown, Larry Moffett and Glenn Gondrezick . They’re always on my mind. But while we looked to the past, we were also excited about UNLV’s future, and all of us agree on one thing: that this 2012-13 team has loads of talent—and that with the right chemistry, this group should do well this season, creating more legends for the future.