Harvest Checklist

There’s bound to be bounty at the farmers market! “The rainstorms have brought the wild mushroom season upon us,” says “Intuitive Forager” Kerry Clasby of the Downtown 3rd Farmers Market (Downtown3rdFarmersMarket.com). Look there for maitake, chanterelle, shiitake, portobello and lobster mushrooms. “These mushrooms are perfect for wild-mushroom risotto or sautéed with our heirloom garlic and Walla Walla onions for bruschetta.”

Also look for organic root vegetables, such as sweet Santa Barbara juicing carrots and the ready-to-roast root veggie mix: torpedo onions, baby parsnips, baby gold turnips, baby purple top turnips, baby white Tokyo turnips, rutabagas, Wilhelmsburger yellow-top turnip, black radish, watermelon radish and celeriac.

And for dessert, Clasby suggests the sweet and creamy Warren pears from small family farm in Brentwood [Calif.]. “This sweet pear is a favorite among renowned chefs.” Here’s what else we’re sticking in our basket:

Fresh 52 Farmers Markets: Get your greens (broccoli rabe, collard greens, Napa cabbage) and apples (Fuji, pink lady and gala). Fresh52.com.

Bet on the Farm! Market: Look for sharp velvet pomegranates, blue Hubbard squash, pineapple quince and Fuyu persimmons. BetOnTheFarm.com.

Gilcrease Orchards: Pick up pumpkins, Granny Smith apples and Gilcrease’s famous apple or pear cider. TheGilcreaseOrchard.org.