Heidi discovers love of strippers

Heidi Montag—who somehow, despite all expectations to the contrary, hasn’t died of acute plastic poisoning since she underwent 10 procedures in one day two years ago, and still managed to come out of it with Rumer Willis’ jawline—was Crazy Horse III’s choice to host its third anniversary party Oct. 19.

Montag, who was quoted as saying she blew a million dollars since her Hills days and the only thing she misses from being on TV is the money, was paid a reported $25,000 to turn up to the event along with husband Spencer Pratt.

First thing on the agenda for Montag was getting her first lap dance, which she did with two girls at once in the VIP area. You know, for someone who’s apparently hurting for money, it’s wildly irresponsible to blow that cash on str—actually, yeah. We’d spend it on two-at-a-time strippers, too. Well played, Heidi.

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Sofia Toufa—the “Sofi” in “Sofi Needs a Ladder”—hit the stage Oct. 13 at Rain with a built-in fan base. That being Tommy Lee and 15 of Tommy Lee’s friends. The Mötley Crüe drummer and the German-born Toufa have been dating for more than two years. Because you’d need someone—anyone—to look at on tour who wasn’t Mick Mars or Nikki Sixx. We do, though, assume this means that Toufa will be dating Kid Rock sometime in 2015.