Loretta Lynn

Texas Station, Oct. 19

The country legend’s concert felt like a loving red-state family reunion. Her twin daughters, Peggy and Patsy, performed, referring to the First Lady of Country Music as “Mom.” Those who weren’t family—from backing band the Coal Miners to the fan who delivered roses—were treated as such.

While her voice might not be as strong as it once was, the 80-year-old put on an engaging show. Her singing was both physically and vocally expressive, especially during the chill-inducing Vietnam War-era classic “Dear Uncle Sam,” which tells of losing a darling to war and ends with the slide guitarist playing “Taps.” Lynn’s sassy wit was as quick as ever: joking that her dressmaker got carried away and threatening to withhold the night’s pay from her musicians whenever they talked back. When Lynn asked the audience what they wanted to hear, half the time she would counter with a twangy, “I don’t like that song.” With so many requests, the night was full of classics, including “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl,” “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” and concert-ender “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Although the show took place in a casino, the runaway crowd favorite was “God Bless America Again,” a song featuring a spoken-word call to bring prayer back to school, Bibles back to the classroom and the 10 Commandments back to the courtroom. But Lynn’s country jamboree also offered a little something for the ladies, “The Pill.” ★★★★☆