Soft Pretzels and Provolone Fondue, Culinary Dropout

One of Culinary Dropout’s signature items, this fun appetizer comes highly recommended from just about everyone who steps into the new spot at the Hard Rock Hotel. And with good reason: Doughy pretzel nuggets turn out to be the ideal vehicle for the creamy, pale yellow, melted cheese.

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‘Gimme the Usual’

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‘Gimme the Usual’

By Xania Woodman

If you’re doing your sworn duty as a regular bar patron, one or more bartenders somewhere in this town should know your flavor and spirit preferences. More than just reflexively reaching for your usual as you file through the door and claim your usual seat, he or she should be able to guide you to similar drinks that might appeal to you or, under the best of circumstances, even create something original just for you. Me, I’m an easy mark: whiskey, artisan liqueurs and Italian amaros, stirred Negronis on the rocks with plenty of Campari and, more recently, craft beer.