Toast protocol: Champagne Day

I can’t stand food “holidays.” National Pasta Day. World Cupcake Awareness Month. Leek Week. No, I don’t want to buy into those thinly disguised commercial efforts (Note: Only one of those was real, but you get the idea.) The third annual Global Champagne Day, however, is a cause I can get behind! Oct. 28 will sing with pops, hisses and the ecstatic clinking of glasses the whole world over. To get in on the bubbly action, just follow @ChampagneJayne, and then, on the big day, drink up, Buttercup! (Champagne from Champagne, France, please …) Then be sure to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook and Foursquare all about it, tagging your effervescent moments #ChampagneDay12. Remember: Pictures, or it didn’t happen!