Can Anthony Marshall Run The Show?

When you have a team with as much hype as the 2012-13 Rebels, it’s very important to have a
conductor—i.e., a point guard—who can keep the show running smoothly and make sure the chemistry is right at all times. That job falls to Anthony Marshall, who has been primarily a two-guard in his UNLV career. The question, then, is whether he can make the transition to the point. I feel that he can: Anthony played point guard in high school, and has filled in during important games at UNLV as well. Still, things will be a little different this year.

He’ll have at least three guys looking to put up solid numbers: Bryce Dejean-Jones, Mike Moser and Anthony Bennett. So there will be times when Marshall will have to sacrifice his own scoring to make things work for the team. From 1974-77 I had the same job, keeping Jackie Robinson, Lew Brown, Tony Smith, Sam Smith, Glen Gondrezick and Larry Moffett happy. It was a job I loved because when they were happy, we won. Plus, Coach Tarkanian and his assistants taught me how keep my stats up while feeding my teammates the ball.

As practice and the season roll along, I’m sure Anthony will figure out his new teammates and find a way to keep everyone in control. He takes the job seriously, and that’s important. But it’s also important for him to stay loose and creative on the floor. “This is your senior season,” I recently told him. “Go out and have fun—and don’t worry about the pressure.”