Alex Cross

(PG-13) ★★☆☆☆

Tyler Perry makes a go at being a conventional action-hero in this reprisal of Morgan Freeman’s role in previous film adaptations of James Patterson’s novels. A murderer, known as Picasso (Matthew Fox), is killing people and leaving Cubist-style drawings at the scenes of his crimes. He appears to have his sights set on a multi-national industrialist (Jean Reno). But not if Alex Cross (Perry) has anything to say about it. Revenge is game here, and while Perry does OK, the film just isn’t very interesting.

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Political Candidates, Busted


Political Candidates, Busted

By Danny Axelrod

Washington D.C.-based artist Melissa Ichiuji’s latest works are a brutal commentary on politics. The former Alvin Ailey dancer has seen success for her work with erotic soft sculptures, but for her latest exhibit, Fair Game, the imagery is stark and brutal. “I wanted to play with traditional portraiture and settled on doing busts,” Ichiuji says. “It’s a play on words in how the media is out there looking for the next sound bite or gaffe, ready to ‘bust’ political leaders from both parties.” Ichiuji brings two pieces and a slide show from her D.C.