Daily Bet: Chiefs +7.5 at Chargers

The last time my Chargers graced the prime-time stage, they raced out to a 24-0 halftime lead against Denver at home. In the six quarters since, San Diego has produced a grand total of two field goals while giving up 42 points. I repeat: The Chargers have been outscored 42-6 in the last six quarters. They blew a 24-0 lead at home to a division rival, allowing 35 unanswered points in 30 minutes of play. Then, after a bye week, they lost 7-6 to the Browns—they couldn’t find the end zone against freakin’ Cleveland.

And yet San Diego — losers of three straight games, including the last two as a favorite — is laying more than a touchdown tonight? Seriously, this point spread is crazy — like jilted-girlfriend-on-New-Year’s-Eve crazy. Charlie-Sheen-after-an-eight-ball-and-a-12-pack crazy. Have the oddsmakers not been watching this Chargers team? Don’t they not know that Philip Rivers’ arm
is shot? That Antonio Gates’ legs are shot? That Norv Turner should be shot? Can’t they see that the players have all but quit on Turner?

Yeah, yeah, I know, the Chiefs are 1-6. They haven’t held a lead in regulation this entire season. They lost 37-20 to the Chargers at home a month ago. My rebuttal: Kansas City had six turnovers in that first meeting, several of them in Chiefs territory (including one returned for a TD). Six turnovers ain’t happening again. In fact, K.C. outgained the Chargers 349-293 in that contest. As for the Chiefs’ 1-6 record, um, do you realize that the Saints were 0-4 when they rallied to beat San Diego (and are 1-5 against the rest of the league)? That the Broncos were 2-3 when they rallied to beat the Chargers (and are 3-3 against the rest of the league)? That the Browns were 1-6 when they upset the Chargers last week?

My point: Kansas City sucks, but only slightly more than San Diego — and certainly not eight points more than San Diego. And when you consider that all the pressure is on the embattled Turner and his freefalling Chargers, the only way to play this game is to take the big points.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Wednesday’s Result: Blazers +2.5 vs. Lakers (win)

Record: 63-50-1