Dancing with the political stars

There’s at least one bit of upside to this seemingly never-ending hellscape of political ads and election news: At least it was good for some moderate entertainment. Before his wife was in town, President Obama held a rally Oct. 24 at Doolittle Park, where Katy Perry performed in a skintight mini dress decked out like a presidential ballot, leading us to want to start a youth-oriented MTV turnout campaign called Grope the Vote. Even Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson, at his Oct. 26 event at Dal Toro Ristorante in the Palazzo, had comedian Doug Stanhope and former MTV VJ Kennedy. Mitt Romney on Oct. 23 had, well, no one. Absolutely no one. Unless you count Paul Ryan. Which we don’t.

Kid Rock hosted a Halloween party Oct. 26 at Lavo, where he couldn’t be bothered to wear a costume. Unless you count “Lowest common denominator rocker mercilessly flogging the catalog of Lynyrd Skynyrd” as a costume. Which we don’t.

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Being flown out to spin for a private party in the Playboy Suite at the Palms isn’t a shabby first Las Vegas gig. Since then, Los Angeles native Paul Purman—better known to clubbers as DJ Politik—has locked in a residency with Tao Group, alternating between Tao Nightclub and Marquee’s Boom Box Room on Friday nights, with the occasional Lavo gig thrown in for good measure.