Pinot While You Paint?

Wine & Canvas—you had me at wine. Since my art skills are … not, I figured that under the influence of mighty Bacchus, I might just come up with something not too horrible to hang in my bathroom. While my painting of two silhouetted lovebirds (the actual winged kind) perched in an odd sort of tree on a background of red sky isn’t likely to win any awards, it makes me happy. “Love in the Fruit Loop Tree,” as I call it, is just one of the numerous and ever-changing menu of paintings I could have chosen from the Wine & Canvas schedule ($35, The schedule goes up on the 20th of every month. Just sign up and show up at the assigned bar (hey, how often do you get to tell people you need to head to O’Aces for your art lesson?). You are guided by kind and nonjudgmental instructors through the steps of your masterpiece, and when it’s dry, you keep it. Oh, and you get to drink throughout the process! Think of it as Color Me Mine for the grown and thirsty. Granted, I drank beer and my girlfriend Shalom had whiskey, but you get the idea. Just don’t accidentally reach for the wrong glass and drink your paintbrush water.