Tal Cooperman

Director of entertainment marketing for Neff Headwear, director of marketing for Agenda Tradeshow and partner in RESQWATER, age 29.

Photo by Tomo

Photo by Tomo

What he’s wearing now: Alexander McQueen shirt, Topman pants and suspenders, and Toms shoes.

Style Icon: I have a few, but my top three are Pat Tenor, owner of RVCA clothing, Alexander McQueen and Anna Wintour.

A fixture in the action-sports scene since he was 16, Cooperman has seen his style evolve from grunge-inspired to fitted and fashion forward. “I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern. No one wears head-to-toe designer anymore.” By day, Cooperman manages celebrity partnerships for Neff Headwear such as their collaboration with Deadmau5, which produced a line of hats, shirts and accessories featuring the DJ’s signature mouse-head. By night, his journey leads him directly to the bright lights of clubs on the Strip, making dressing up just another part of his busy schedule. “I don’t hate on it—it gives me a reason to dress fancy.”

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