The More Things Stay the Stupid Same

This is the original cover to Appetite for Destruction, an album that came out 25 years ago. It was controversial in 1987, and that’s why the album wound up mostly having the cover you’re familiar with. So naturally, let’s still all be up in arms about it.

After County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow became aware that G’n’R is using a modified version of the 1978 Robert Williams painting — and in several print/public versions of the poster, the broad has her boobs covered and the around-the-ankles underwear is Photoshopped out — to promote its Hard Rock residency that started Oct. 31, she was incensed. Now a rep from The Rape Crisis Center is chiming in, even with all evidence to the contrary that we actually live in Las Vegas.

The upshot is, we feel like we’re in the sixth grade again when we first heard about this non-controversy. We’re totally going to go home and watch Duck Tales later tonight.