Daily Bet: Romney +330 vs. Obama

When Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson was about halfway through his 99-yard interception
return for a touchdown in the first quarter last night, I turned to a friend and fellow Chargers fan and said the following: “You know, I have to say, as much as we bitch about the Chargers and their futility, at least we’re not Eagles fans.” Note to Mike Vick (and I’m sure everyone in Philly would back me up here): You’re dead to me.

Now to today’s “bet.” Obviously, you can’t actually place a wager on the outcome of our
presidential election (at least not in this country you can’t), but with one shitty college football game (Ball State vs. Toledo) and only three NBA games (all with big point spreads) on today’s betting board, I figured why not change things up and go with an election prediction? As for why I’m rolling with Mitt Romney here, it has nothing to do with my political leanings, but rather—like any wager—it has everything to do with value. While polls indicate that President Obama leads Romney, that lead isn’t substantial nor insurmountable (especially given the margin for error in any poll). And if Romney can figure out a way to win the key swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida—all three appear to be up for grabs—he could pull off the upset. That makes an underdog of better than 3-to-1 pretty enticing.

Another reason to take a shot with the former Massachusetts governor: In 17 of 18 presidential
elections going back to 1940, when the Washington Redskins win their game that’s played the Sunday before Election Day, the candidate from the incumbent party wins the White House; when the Redskins lose, the opposing party moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In case you missed it, the Redskins fell 21-13 to Carolina on Sunday.

(FYI: If you know someone in jolly ol’ England, you can get action on the election. You didn’t
hear that from me, though …)

Rating:★ ☆ ☆ ☆

Monday’s Result: Eagles +3 at Saints (loss)

Record: 64-52-1