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Truthfully, you should stop reading this right now and go see Amy Lee Finchem at COLAB at Art Square. She can explain the importance of architecture and landscape architecture better than I ever could. It’s my feeling that the reason many of us don’t like the look of the town we live in is because, prior to now, none of us had the education to tell good architecture from bad. (Also, we were busy parking cars for six figures a year and didn’t give a shit how Las Vegas looked, so long as it paid cash.) But now the education is there—go see Amy!—and the tools to better one’s understanding, like John Hill’s terrific Daily Dose of Architecture blog, are within easy reach. There’s frankly no way to look at the photos of thoughtfully designed built spaces on Hill’s blog and continue thinking that Las Vegas’ strip malls are anything but a blight.

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Ups and Downs: Rebels escape against Dixie State

Ups and Downs: Rebels escape against Dixie State

By Mike Grimala

Leading up to Wednesday's exhibition against Dixie State, Dave Rice and his players insisted that they were going to play to win the game. As it turns out, they had to. Dixie State was up to the task, grinding the Rebels down with precise offense in the second half and forcing an overtime period before UNLV finally prevailed, 81-80 on a last-second layup by Carlos Lopez-Sosa. The Rebels did not play well. They'll need to be much better on Monday night if they want to open the season with a win against Northern Arizona, and Rice said as much after the game.