Vedder Uses Uke for Charity

Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder did back-to-back ukulele and acoustic guitar shows Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the Pearl, and, as part of his stage banter for the second gig, he talked up a charity dedicated to finding a cure for epidermolysis bullosa. One audience member piped up she’d cut him a check for $5,000 on the spot if he’d play “Black.” We’d pay $5,001 if it meant we’d never have to hear “Jeremy” again, anywhere or anytime.

Bagatelle at Tropicana won’t be having its official grand opening until Nov. 16, but it did get an early jump on life as a new nightspot on Halloween, when Dylan McDermott of American Horror Story came in to host. The club can probably get him back for any upcoming Destiny Turns on the Radio parties they care to throw, too.

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