Whiskey snorts, snuff films, phallus mods

Mark my words. There will be a time soon when late-’70s-style, guitar-slinging, shaggy-haired hard-rock nostalgia will sweep across the land and inspire young musicians to play good old-fashioned, hard-and-heavy boogie-rock. Hopefully this time without a creepy, chest-baring polyester vest.

Future six-string gods would do well to attend a set by singer/guitarist Pat Travers at the Railhead in Boulder Station at 8 p.m. Nov. 8. The Canadian is famous in rock circles for searing yet strutting fretboard runs, especially on cuts such as the Stan Lewis-penned “Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)” and Travers’ own “Hooked on Music.” Interestingly, he’s also an accomplished keyboard player, to which the song “Crash and Burn” attests. This guy’s the complete musical package, and he always boasts a crackerjack band. So if you miss the days of classic, gritty, bluesy rock, before polished MTV-approved arena-glam eclipsed it, this flashback will have you, as the Travers tune goes, “Snortin’ Whiskey (and Drinkin’ Cocaine).”

I can’t think of anything that stands in starker contrast than L.A. dark-pop band 8mm. The band is set to screen at Las Vegas Country Saloon at 9 p.m. Nov. 9. Lots of trip-hop components are often included here, especially on deliciously atmospheric “Give It Up,” which sounds like a Julie London-like femme fatale fronting Garbage. 8mm has a couple of EPs and full-lengths under their belt. The most recent (Kickstarter-funded) album, Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts, brings in a new swath of gothic-country stylings. Dueting wife-husband singers Juliette and Sean Beavan know how to be downbeat yet strikingly melodic. Which ain’t easy, especially while keeping an audience’s attention. Fans of Nine Inch Nails and The Civil Wars should fathom and fawn over this.

Finally, the crème de la, um, cock? Allow me the bestial pleasure of introducing Vegas Seven readers to our city’s finest one-man-and-a-MacBook goregrind project Phalloplasty. (Whatever you do, don’t Google-image search the band name, which is an honest-to-God surgical procedure.) It would be more beneficial to your eyes, but perhaps not your ears, to endure the terrifying noise unleashed by Zack Shaw. This young man slashes eardrums with (mercifully short) unforgiving death-metal opuses “Bound and Beaten,” “Drill Bit Lobotomy (The Dahmer Song)” and “Butchered for Substance.” So if you’re into disturbing music, you can brave Yayo Taco at 7 p.m. Nov. 10. I’m only going to this show so I can purchase a Phalloplasty T-shirt and wear it to PTA meetings. Also on the bill are bands with equally deranged names: Logistic Slaughter, Parasitic Ejaculation, Antikythera, Decimatus and Dead Reckoning.