3 Questions This Week

If the San Francisco Giants’ World Series win was part of your October TV lineup, you may have noticed the “Fist Pump.” The 2010 techno-rap tune was written to bring Giants fans to their feet in the seventh-inning stretch, and has also been used by the Green Bay Packers, Howard Stern, American Idol. Created by Bay Area natives and brothers Jimbo and Danny Boy of HardNox Productions, the sensation actually has Vegas roots: The indie-rap duo has been based in Sin City since 2009. We spoke with Danny Boy to learn how the pair made its breakthrough, why it chose Las Vegas and what it plans next.

How did “Fist Pump” evolve beyond the Bay Area?

To be honest, it was just a simple little song we wrote, and it’s caught on in all these different places. … Since we do everything ourselves, it’s not like we have this gigantic mother ship shoving it down the public’s throat. It’s been a purely organic thing, which is great.

Why are you in Vegas?

Vegas is a global city and a global market, and the top talent in the world is always out here. Growing up in Northern California, you see a lot of artists have success locally, but there’s always this ceiling. With HardNox, we’re not afraid to take that risk and go to a bigger pond and feel like the small fish for a while.

Where will those risks take you?

The goal of HardNox has always been to impact the mainstream but kind of do it our way. I think that’s a pretty rock ’n’ roll dream. We’ve kind of been in the major-label system a bit. … We’ve been forced to learn a lot of things that artists don’t typically need to learn because they have someone else doing it for them. Cat Thomas [at] CBS Radio once told us he believes we’re more than just artists—that we could become the next guys like P. Diddy or Russell Simmons or Rick Rubin—because we’ve had to do it by ourselves.