(R) ★★★★☆

Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis is back with this exciting and terrific film. Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) is a pilot who, after a night of drinking and snorting cocaine, crash lands a routine flight to Atlanta, rescuing most of his passengers and crew. An instant hero, Whitaker knows that other people know what was in his system, and the dynamic dance plays out from there. It’s sophisticated storytelling, with the audience unsure of how to feel about such a conflicted protagonist, but Washington is marvelous, as usual, and it’s a highly entertaining flight.

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Big Monster

By Heidi Kyser

David Schmoeller’s soft, circular speech halts, suspended in the sunny air of his paper-piled fourth-floor office in the Flora Dungan Humanities Building at UNLV. Like the narratives in his films, the associate professor’s recollection is more philosophically bound than detail-oriented. The facts kick back in overstuffed couches of imagination. The 64-year-old stops stroking his gray beard and continues the current digression, ending the suspense. Eventually there will be a point, but the story’s so good, it doesn’t matter when.