Twilight Kids Celebrate One Last Go-Round

Kellan Lutz got to go to a party with a bunch of actual, real-life wolves for the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2. (And really, a colon and a long dash in the same movie title? Why not just throw an emoticon in there, too? Twilight—SMILEY FACE.) But for the cast members who couldn’t master the wooden nuance that Kristen Stewart brings to the big screen, it was a decidedly more conventional weekend.

While every 15-year-old girl was busy squealing in movie-theater lobbies around the world, Angela Sarafyan and Rami Malek—the film’s Tia and Benjamin, who we’re going to assume are some kind of mopey vampires, or mopey werewolves, or mopey Creatures from the Black Lagoon, or whatever goes on in that series—went to Tabu to celebrate after dinner at Craftsteak.

They got there about midnight and spent some time dancing on their table, presumably to keep determined middle-schoolers from throwing themselves around their ankles.

Earlier, Malek took in Bodies and Titanic at Luxor, where he told a staff member, “You know I’m not Bruno Mars, right?” Well played, Rami Malek. Well played, indeed. Though you might want to consider a different haircut if everyone keeps bugging you to sing “Grenade” in public.

Alex Meraz, who plays Paul in the series, was at Meatball Spot on Saturday with his wife, Kim. And a bunch of screaming girls were waiting to take photos with him. That must be so much fun for his wife, knowing that out of every eight underage fangirls, there’s probably one impressionable 18-year-old just waiting to strike.

Britney Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph was also there that night, though no 16-year-olds were screaming for him to take a closer look at their contracts or restructure their assets to maintain a more solid position on the ongoing crises in the European markets.

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