All He Wants For Christmas

Downtown tastemaker Geoff Carter open-sources his wish list

I’m tough to shop for. I’m not particularly ostentatious, but I like well-made things as opposed to cheap knockoffs. I live in cheap jeans and T-shirts, but I’ll pay tall money for good shoes and sunglasses. I hold Disneyland and classy smut in separate but equal regard. For these reasons, I’ve given you a holiday gift list—and if you know anyone like me, I hope you’ll crib from it. And maybe throw some love back my way.

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Richard Cheese


Richard Cheese

By Cindi Reed

Why doesn’t the creamy-voiced crooner have a permanent gig in Vegas? That’s the question that wouldn’t go away while Richard Cheese dolled out his signature shtick—singing lounge versions of popular songs—in the very same place that Steel Panther, his hair-metal counterparts, perform Saturday nights. The cheese-meister displayed all the makings of a Vegas star. He pleased the Old Vegas nostalgists with his swingin’ rhythms, tuxedo jacket changes and prop martini glass.