Double Decade

Double Down Saloon is 20 years old? Damn, that’s a lot of Ass Juice. And on Nov. 22-25, it’s also a ton of live music. Four nights, in fact, featuring international and national acts such as the straight-outta-Japan, retro-rock trio The Heiz (10 p.m. Nov. 23-24) and Seattle’s Boss Martians (10 p.m. Nov. 24). Eight great local bands will also perform, including the Nines (10 p.m. Nov. 22) and Vegas punk stalwarts The Vermin (Nov. 24). Don’t miss Bloodcocks R Us (Nov. 24), a tribute band performing tunes by Double Down owner P Moss’ naughty-punk group Bloodcocks UK (a band that refuses to play the States). No cover charge! See the complete schedule at

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Richard Cheese


Richard Cheese

By Cindi Reed

Why doesn’t the creamy-voiced crooner have a permanent gig in Vegas? That’s the question that wouldn’t go away while Richard Cheese dolled out his signature shtick—singing lounge versions of popular songs—in the very same place that Steel Panther, his hair-metal counterparts, perform Saturday nights. The cheese-meister displayed all the makings of a Vegas star. He pleased the Old Vegas nostalgists with his swingin’ rhythms, tuxedo jacket changes and prop martini glass.