To Market, To Market

Tivoli Village's latest offers a unique selection of local tastes

The newly opened Market LV at Tivoli Village is a unique concept featuring cute, local vendors, boutiques and restaurants that are off the beaten path. We ate our way through the place to track down the best items.

Tivoli Wrapped Dates, View Wine Bar & Kitchen  
This now-familiar tapa dish captures the essence of View Wine Bar, with its local feel and simple, small plates. The dates themselves are plucked by chef Johnny Church from trees close to Tivoli Village. The sweet little packages serve as vehicles for almonds and goat cheese, while salty prosciutto hugs each bite. $5, 529-0090,

Candy, B Sweet Candy Boutique  
You: kid. This place: a candy store. The brightly lit space is compact, but has shelves upon shelves of glass jars filled with more sugary confections than you can shake a Pixie stick at. There’s old-school candy, new-fangled gooey candy and lots of gummies. Our favorite? The gummy techno bears, which are fruity, iridescent and sold by the pound. 798-2979,

Sticky Fingers, Cupkates
The tiny cupcake storefront also serves as a room for tea parties, which includes not only three-course high tea, but also instructs in table manners. Which just might fly out the window as soon as the kiddies (or you) dive into Sticky Fingers, a mini caramel cupcake topped with vanilla frosting and caramel drizzle. Just remember to put your pinky up. One dozen mini cupcakes, $12; tea parties start at $20 per guest, 439-3266,


3-piece Chef’s Cheese Plate, View Cheese Shoppe
The counter top at this cheese shop across from View Wine Bar is the ideal spot for a quick nosh and a chat with some folks who know their Comté from their Camembert. A perfect snack is the three-cheese platter, which usually features samplings of goat, cow and sheep’s-milk cheeses, and is served with water crackers, raisin bread and homemade fig jam. $9.

Gnocchi Gratin with Bacon, View Wine Bar & Kitchen
It’s just getting to be the right time of year to enjoy gnocchi, thanks to their naturally hearty disposition. These handmade pillows of dough are fluffy and light, not dense, which is refreshing, considering they arrive in a pool of creamy cheese sauce nuanced with bacon. $7.