Wiz Khalifa

Thomas & Mack Center, Nov. 15

I was just about to turn the lights off in my Jeep when a guy approached my driver’s side window, holding up a black Wiz Khalifa T-shirt for sale. I shook my head no, grabbed my Gucci bag and made my way to will call. The parking lot reeked of marijuana smoke and college kids who were definitely living “Young, Wild & Free.” My night was about to get very interesting.

In town for his 2050 Tour and promoting his new album O.N.I.F.C., which drops on Dec. 4, rapper Khalifa opened with “Cabin Fever.” Fans stood, girls shrieked and cellphone cameras flashed continuously. “I need y’all to make some mothafuckin’ noise in here,” Khalifa said. With the crowd hyped, he asked, “How many y’all got high before you came here? I need to know.” It was the perfect segue into his weed-smoking song “California.”

Best parts of the show included a special guest appearance by rapper 50 Cent, who performed his chart-topping tune “I Run New York”; dancers dressed as a giant yellow lighter and joint hopped around onstage during “Work Hard, Play Hard” (Khalifa even hugged the blunt while performing “Young, Wild & Free”); and when he said, “Let’s take ’em home” before rapping the lyrics to his Billboard Hot 100 beat “Black and Yellow.” As the show came to an end, Khalifa said to the crowd, “You guys are the shit. I love you guys, man. Real shit.” Then he kowtowed to the audience, and all I kept thinking was I should’ve bought that damn T-shirt. ★★★★☆

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