Meatball Spot Passes the Pauly D Test

Carla Pellegrino’s Meatball Spot is quickly becoming a place to dine among celebrities, which is no surprise given that it’s brought to you by some of the same people behind Sugar Factory and Chateau. Though maybe it got a boost from Pellegrino’s Episode 3 win on Top Chef: Seattle, as long as no one actually watched her nearly saw her hand off.

Whatever the reason, the absolutely inevitable just happened: A Las Vegas Italian restaurant with deep celeb connections got Pauly D to eat there.

We’ll pause so you can fish your monocle out of your champagne and pick your top hat off the floor.

Disc jockey Paul DelVecchio Jr. went by the Town Square joint Nov. 25 along with Gerard “Big Jerry” Gialanella of The Pauly D Project and a pack of peckish paisani for a plethora of plump plates. (Sorry! We got possessed by the vengeful ghost of Gene Shalit there for a second. Who is not, technically, dead, which makes the feat all the more impressive.)

Pauly D was apparently moved to generosity by the meal, though, because afterward, he slapped down $500 as a tip, which is doubly impressive when you consider A) meatballs there run, like, seven bucks an order, B) he was probably comped anyway and C) he doesn’t actually acquire all his nutrients by absorbing the hair gel off his scalp in some sort of scientifically dubious guido osmosis.

The lesson here is: The next time you see Pauly D is DJing somewhere, just show up with a meatball sub or chicken parm or something. It’s got to be worth at least a C-note.

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