Space Oddities


With all the current interest in the Curiosity rover, the promise of new Star Wars movies and the looming end of the Long Count calendar, it’s only natural that our fancies should turn, once again, to outer space. There’s lots of, y’know, space out there—more than enough to contain our ever-expanding hubris. But how do we get there? Do we hit up Elon Musk? Do we put a lot of balloons on an Aeron chair? Do we go to the middle of the desert, put tinfoil on our heads and prepare for transport? The Tumblr blog You Will Not Go To Space Today offers several less-than-viable alternatives, from putting a cardboard Starship Enterprise costume on your dog to lighting the fuse on a really big fart. I will say no more, because as Jodie Foster said in Contact, there are no words. They should’ve sent a poet.