Vegas Knockout

As served at the Double Down Saloon, $5

When musician, author and Double Down Saloon owner P Moss published his second novel in September, Vegas Knockout: A Novel in Stories, about the biggest boxing match ever to come to Las Vegas, he commissioned a shot be created in its honor. “He insisted that it had to be red and pack a punch,” says Double Down Saloon partner Chris Andrasfay. Sounds simple enough. “Making drinks does not have to be a complicated science,” he says. “Sometimes simple is best.” Instead, Andrasfay, who is a devoted rum aficionado and also partner in Frankie’s Tiki Room says he “strives for delicious.” His literary-inspired drink fits in well with its irreverent brethren, the world-famous Ass Juice and original Double Down Bacon Martini. More freight train than cocktail, it’s a hard-hitting blend of 151-proof Bacardi rum and Everclear, also 151 proof and guaranteed to light you up—one way or another. Kinda makes the Long Island Iced Tea look like a child’s juice box.