“Baby Man,” the Mad Caps

Director Ryen McPherson of Shoot to Kill (a Wendoh sister company) produces arresting videos for Las Vegas bands. Who can forget Dude City confronting bikers in a desert tavern in “Technology”? Or Candy Warpop battered by a sadistic birthday princess in “Smilefucker”? Or Deadhand blowing up the Magic Kingdom in “Places”? Add to that the image of twin pregnant blondes belly-bashing each other until one births a disco ball in blues-rock duo the Mad Caps’ “Baby Man.” Framed by a hilarious Masterpiece Theatre-esque host, the video is set in an abandoned warehouse. There, drummer Jon Real and singer/guitarist Ted Rader churn out a gutbucket ode to virile manhood as the siblings synchro-gyrate and grind. “Nothing short of despicable art,” the host concludes. Yes, the best kind.

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