Carlos and Hugo Larios

Carlos: Senior graphic designer for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, age 36. Hugo: age 7


Photo by Tomo

What they’re wearing now: (Carlos) Banana Republic shirt, Zara tie and Pal Zileri suit. (Hugo) Nordstrom shirt, tie, blazer and shoes and H&M pants.

Fashion Motto: Fashions fade, style remains.

The Larios boys are a dapper father and son duo. They keep their minds sharp with their favorite pastime—chess. Just don’t expect Hugo to show up somewhere wearing a mini version of Dad’s favorite sweater. “We have the same interests,” Carlos says. “But we don’t dress alike.” For now, Hugo is content frolicking in his school uniform even after the final bell rings. “He wears it for most of the day, and changing time takes away from playtime.”