Tour Buzz

AN EXPLETIVE GIFT: I could plant a huge, wet kiss on the Palms for inviting the Supersuckers—the world’s greatest rock band, self-appointed—to dirty its sheets. The venerable cowpunk band, scheduled to play the Lounge at the Palms on Dec. 8 ($15, $13 in advance), has maybe three to five songs that don’t have the word “fuck” in the title, and even those songs are loud, raucous and profane—in other words, they’re everything rock ’n’ roll used to be before we left the door open and Matchbox 20 wandered in. It’s tough to predict just what kind of show that Thunder, Chango, Metal Marty and Eddie Spaghetti are planning to give us; they don’t appear to have any new music coming out any time soon, and according to the band’s Facebook page, they keep going only because “we have absolutely no other skills.” But here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter why the Supersuckers are coming here. Their live show is fun like nothing else is fun. And they’ll earn that $13-$15 ticket price, and then some, halfway through “Born With a Tail.”

EVERYBODY IN THE JOINT: The Shins play The Joint at the Hard Rock on Dec. 6 ($39)—and this being a rock radio package show, they’re bringing All The Indie Music with them. Let’s say that the Shins alone aren’t enough for you, despite the fact that the band remains the emo standard-bearer. That’s fine, bro—because this show also features Passion Pit, Youngblood Hawke and AWOLNATION. It’s practically an entire frigging iTunes Genius mix for the price of one mopey, but likable folk-rock ensemble from Portland, Ore.

NOW ON SALE: I believe it was Warhol who said, “In the future, every fading butt-rock superpower will have a nine-show residency at the Hard Rock Hotel.” On March 22, it’s Def Leppard’s turn. The English pop-metal band follows Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe into The Joint with VIVA Hysteria, a one-off series of shows in which Def Leppard will play its 1987 album Hysteria in its entirety. (They’ll also play “a greatest hits segment,” the idea of which baffles me: What is Hysteria, if not a self-contained greatest hits segment?) Tickets are $46 to $121—actually not a bad deal.