Why is there no “West Fremont”?

Let’s start with controversy: There is no “East Fremont” either. Yes, there is a “Fremont East Entertainment District” (the official name of the redeveloping portion of Fremont Street east of Las Vegas Boulevard), and yes, some businesses there may use “East Fremont” on their business cards. But official records, including U.S. Postal Service addresses and Clark County Assessor records, do not designate any portion of Fremont Street as “east” or “west.” Why? Because Main Street (and its imaginary extension north and south) is the line dividing east from west. As Fremont begins at Main, and heads one direction only, technically all of Fremont is east.

Whatever happened to the Algiers Motel?

One of a handful of holdovers from the days when the Strip was populated with mid-century motor courts, the Algiers was a low-slung weeping mortar motel with a central pool and 110 drive-up rooms. Built in 1953 as overflow to the neighboring Thunderbird, and wedged on the corner of the Strip and Riviera Boulevard, the exotic sounding Algiers housed a steak house and a small cocktail lounge that, at various times during the 1990s and early 2000s, served as an under-the-radar respite for the kind of folks who now drink at the Royal.

It closed after Labor Day weekend 2004, but you can see small bits of the Algiers (light fixtures and such) at the Beauty Bar, on East Fremont. As to where the Algiers went, blame its disappearance on what happens when dreams of the Vegas Future move faster than the money it takes to manifest it. The land on which the Algiers sat (also home to the 1966 Candlelight Wedding Chapel, since relocated to the Clark County Museum), was sold in 2003 to become the Krystle Sands condo tower. That plan didn’t last, and the land was later cleared and sold to Turnberry, who added it to their parcel at 2777 Las Vegas Blvd. South and transferred the whole shebang to … Fontainebleau Las Vegas. So, rephrased in 2012 Vegas vernacular, your question now reads, “Whatever happened to the Fontainebleau?” Oddly, you can see pieces of that place on Fremont Street as well; the Plaza’s rooms were fully remodeled using materials and goods intended for the Fontainebleau.

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