Arrested Development

Perhaps nowhere in Southern Nevada signifies the boom-to-bust of the last 20 years better than Lake Las Vegas. The luxury development was literally carved out of the desert, leaving a jarring disconnect between the man-made oasis and the barren terrain surrounding it. Photographer Michael Light beautifully captures this dichotomy on, showing half-developed hillsides juxtaposed with million-dollar homes and stark desert. Design Observer photography editor Aaron Rothman writes, “The razed hillsides still stand as material reminders of a period of hubris and folly that ended in catastrophic failure. But the fantasy embodied in the opulent developments adjacent to those hillsides … has proven hard to shake.”

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Rebels Looking to Tinker Against La Verne


Rebels Looking to Tinker Against La Verne

By Mike Grimala

What do we know about La Verne? Enough to realize that Thursday's matchup at the Orleans Arena is little more than a mid-season tuneup. No offense to the fine students, faculty and administrators of La Verne, but don't expect much of a challenge from the Leopards. La Verne is a Division III school that has MIT and Cal-Tech on the schedule, so while they may be able to best the Rebels in a robotics competition, I doubt they have a formula for stopping Anthony Bennett.