Broken Chains


I would rather that Ghost Bikes the website didn’t exist. It’s not that I have anything against the page; it’s well-written and comprehensive. But it wouldn’t be here if not for the existence of ghost bikes, white-painted bicycles placed on city streets near where cyclists have been struck and killed. The Ghost Bikes site provides a global map of these memorials (including one in Las Vegas), a listing of cyclist-safety events (most of them appear to be in New York City) and, sadly, a necessary how-to guide for preparing and placing a ghost bike for a fallen rider. It’s not often that I use this space to stump for anything besides wasting time, but seriously: Please give bicycles 3 feet of space the next time you zip past a rider on the street. There are already too many goddamn ghost bikes haunting our peripheral vision.

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Rebels Looking to Tinker Against La Verne


Rebels Looking to Tinker Against La Verne

By Mike Grimala

What do we know about La Verne? Enough to realize that Thursday's matchup at the Orleans Arena is little more than a mid-season tuneup. No offense to the fine students, faculty and administrators of La Verne, but don't expect much of a challenge from the Leopards. La Verne is a Division III school that has MIT and Cal-Tech on the schedule, so while they may be able to best the Rebels in a robotics competition, I doubt they have a formula for stopping Anthony Bennett.