Drai’s Headed to Bally’s

Fret not, people who hate to go home after the club closes even though that’s probably a good idea because what are you doing after 4 a.m. that isn’t likely a terrible idea? After-hours staple Drai’s isn’t going to be going on a nearly two-year hiatus once Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall serves up its final night Feb. 4. Instead, Victor Drai will be moving his eponymous operation to a temporary home in one of the most unlikely spots imaginable: Bally’s. The club will stay there at least through the end of 2014, when the new Drai’s will take over the rooftop spot at the renovated and rebranded Bill’s.

Coco Austin hasn’t been in town long, but that didn’t stop her from already getting into a public spat with husband Ice-T. She posted some photos on Instagram posing with rapper AP.9 that showed him nuzzling the new Peepshow star. Ice didn’t take kindly and lashed out on Twitter, but has since deleted the messages. Coco apologized, but it seems like we’re eight days away from a drunken Ice standing up in the middle of a Peepshow performance, bottle of Jack in hand, ranting at Coco from the audience. This whole thing is gonna be awesome.

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Tyson Did Hangover High


Tyson Did Hangover High

By Jason Scavone

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Mike Tyson copped to being coked out of his mind while filming The Hangover. “The first Hangover, the guys had my back so much. They carried me real good. I was a mess. I was overweight, 280 pounds, 380 pounds. I was a pig,” he said. “High on cocaine. They had to know—I had the cocaine talk. Those guys are just beautiful people.” It must have been absolutely terrifying for Zach Galifianakis to do the scene where Tyson punches him.