Exterminating Angels and Christmas Killers

Local bands are tearing up YouTube. Candy Warpop uploaded a live performance of “The Exterminating Angel,” shot at the Royal House in August by Shoot to Kill Media’s Andrea Walter and Rob Sholty. “The Exterminating Angel” is among many new songs the band has written since scoring a new singer, Amy Pate. The band is busy prepping a full-length album. … The aforementioned (in Soundscraper, right) 3d6 have a dynamically animated video for “Glamazon” that I didn’t get around to seeing until now. Directed by David Michael Thomas, it visually supports the lyrical message of loving a tough woman. … Finally, the Killers have unveiled a video for Christmas jingle “I Feel It in My Bones.” The video is on YouTube and the single available for purchase on iTunes ($1.29). All proceeds go to Red Campaign, a group “fighting for an AIDS-free generation.”

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Mercies, Whammies, Presidents


Mercies, Whammies, Presidents

By Jarret Keene

I’ve been petty about something and need to come clean. I intentionally ignored Vegas singer/guitarist Brendan Scholz’s new one-man acoustic project, Mercy Music, for this reason: Scholz essentially sidelined his band Deadhand to make time for his new tunes. Since Deadhand is my favorite rock outfit, I didn’t want to encourage him. I can’t deny it anymore: Mercy Music is a sonic blessing. I love it.



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