McGraw, Hill Draw Megastars

And as if to one-up “presidential candidate” on the audience luminary scale, when Tim McGraw and Faith Hill got to their opening weekend for Soul2Soul at the Venetian, they got a multiple-Oscar winner and beloved star of Bachelor Party Tom Hanks, plus favorite-musician-of-everyone-over-45 Bruce Springsteen. Although we imagine the lack of 28-minute, half-talked story-songs in the Soul2Soul set must’ve come as something of a disappointment to the Boss.

On Dec. 8, Hanks, along with wife Rita Wilson and Springsteen with wife Patti Scialfa all had dinner together at Cut in the Palazzo, Hanks going for the dry-aged New York strip, Wilson with the petit filet, and Springsteen opting for Kobe. Meanwhile, Peter Scolari somewhere ate a cold roast beef sandwich and quietly contemplated what went wrong after Bosom Buddies.

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Tyson Did Hangover High


Tyson Did Hangover High

By Jason Scavone

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Mike Tyson copped to being coked out of his mind while filming The Hangover. “The first Hangover, the guys had my back so much. They carried me real good. I was a mess. I was overweight, 280 pounds, 380 pounds. I was a pig,” he said. “High on cocaine. They had to know—I had the cocaine talk. Those guys are just beautiful people.” It must have been absolutely terrifying for Zach Galifianakis to do the scene where Tyson punches him.