An Artistic Convergence

On Dec. 20-22, contemporary sculptors and painters such as H.R. Giger and Nelson Shanks leave their studios and descend upon Las Vegas to exhibit for-sale original masterworks at the World of Art Showcase in Wynn Las Vegas. Giger, whose piece “Li II” is shown here, won an Academy Award for his design work on 1979’s Alien. During the three-day celebration of visual arts, collectors can mingle with renowned artists such as Daniel E. Greene and Jota Leal, who will have live demonstrations. “[This event aims to] restore art to where it rightfully belongs in society,” says Mario Parga, executive director of the showcase. “Artists are constantly being pushed to the back of the line; no one is taking it seriously anymore. This show is to be a vehicle to introduce painters to serious collectors.” To purchase tickets, visit