Best Ladies Night: Vanity

Local ladies happily avail themselves of the complimentary admission and free booze on offer at almost every club, every night of the week. But dangle a sparkly carrot in front of them (or, better yet, a purse), and you can expect an early rush of girls as giddy as if they were about to receive a pink convertible on their 16th birthday. With big sister Body English returning this month, Vanity’s long-term future is uncertain, but for now, thanks to Rock, Paper, Scissors Fridays, ladies can get while the getting is good and walk away with covetable clothing, accessories and timepieces with labels that have included Carlos Santana handbags, Hello Kitty Pink Head, NYX Cosmetics and more. Soooo much better than chumming the waters with free extra-large T-shirts and light-beer key chains.