Best Seasonal Party: Ghostbar

If you want a full-on nightclub experience without the late nights—or a daytime party while the pools are closed—GBDC (Ghostbar Dayclub) is where it’s at in winter. Now in its second season, GBDC encourages guests to don costumes as if every Saturday is Halloween, with themes such as a “Post-Thanksgiving Sweatin’ to the ’80s Turkey Burn-Off,” a “Jammie Jam” and a “Hello Kitty Party.” This adult Romper Room keeps clubbers occupied with piñatas, high-end beer bongs, go-go dancers with attitude, tutu’d waitresses and tasty nibbles 55 floors above the Strip. The fun begins at 1 p.m., but with no set closing time, the GBDC crew will keep the party going till you can’t party anymore.