La Fin Absolute du Monde

Bunkhouse, Dec. 13

The El Cerrito, Calif., band’s dark, experimental sound was a stark contrast from the Bunkhouse’s décor. The saloon was decked with twinkling Christmas lights and holiday bobbles—even the deer head was wearing a white, fluffy beard and Santa hat. It would have been more suitable if we were all outside in the night rain.

Although the audience was small, consisting of about 20 people, the duo had the entire room’s complete attention. Cyndy Melanio and Jason Myles make up La Fin Absolute du Monde (French for, “the absolute end of the world), an engaged couple who, incidentally, met in Las Vegas. They promptly began making music together after meeting a few years ago.

Their music is a blend of electronic, ambient and alternative. It’s chaotic, yet fluid. There is a definite Deftones influence. Melanio’s understated but strong voice echoed off of the walls of the room as Myles fervently played the guitar behind her. The passion and drama were evident. Their eight-song set left us in a state of gloomy awe. ★★★☆☆

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