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Selected by Jeanne Goodrich, executive director for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.

Do we need (or want) another celebrity memoir about substance abuse and subsequent redemption? Surprisingly, Kristen Johnson’s Guts: The Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster (Gallery Books, $25) provides fresh insights, raw self-exposure and acute comedy. A consummate functioning alcoholic/prescription drug abuser, the television (3rd Rock From the Sun) and stage actor is in denial until her burgeoning habit of two bottles of wine a night accompanied by pills ultimately causes her guts to give way. She nearly dies. Slowly, during her extended stay in a London hospital, she comes to realize what she’s done and what she must do. Brutally honest; exceedingly funny.

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Come On, Feel the Noise


Come On, Feel the Noise

By Una LaMarche

The Helen Hayes, nestled deep in the marquee maze of midtown Manhattan, is Broadway’s smallest theater. With just less than 600 seats, delicate 1920s molding and blood-red walls that seem to close in like velvet drapes, it looks like the perfect setting for a ragtime revue, or maybe a children’s puppet show. It certainly does not look like the kind of place where you might see actors in leather pants and mullet wigs gyrating to Def Leppard, or unleashing guttural wails at decibels that could shatter plate-glass windows.